Hello world!

This is by first blogging experience and I would like to share my experience during my admission into engineering college.

My rank in the entrance examination was not good enough to fetch me a seat in top rung NIT’s neither was it bad to deprive me a seat in lower rung of those prestigious colleges , so I decided , I would rather join an NIT , however far it might be . My first allotment was NIT Agartala , and I have some fond memories of that place. Situated in the north-east of the country , in the picturesque Purvanchal hills , Agartala is a very beautiful place. As usual , parents and relatives had apprehensions of me joining in a college so far from home and as the place is notorious for its insurgency troubles. Even I was afraid , but it was my last option. The day I left home to report to my college , I saw tears in my dad’s eyes for the first time in my life . Well , I won’t say that the tears were of joy that I was into a reputed institute but because of fear of me being far away and how I would adjust to everything . I bid farewell to everyone and boarded train to Howrah. Upon the suggestion of the college , we decided to take a flight from Calcutta to Agartala . That was going to be my first flight experience .All along the train journey , I was lost in my thoughts . All kinds of thoughts were bothering me , whether anyone else would join the college from the place I come from , whether this , whether that.  And to make matters even worse I couldn’t see my mom before leaving home as she was out of station .Her seeing me off would have given me a lot of confidence but it unfortunately didn’t happen for me.

Finally , I reached Dum-Dum airport . I was seeing an international airport for the first time!! Seeing the heavy flow of passengers at the airport , I began to  wonder why was India still being called a poor country!!! I was almost certain by then that I would be the only guy going and joining so far. My father was accompanying me and he got busy chatting with a guy from Andhra who was working in Agartala . I overheard him asking a lot of questions about the place , I decided to give my mind a break and started wandering in the airport lobby , just gazing at everything like an idiot . Saw many restaurants , air hostesses, some pretty and some with excessive make -up! Finally with so much stuff going on in my mind , I snoozed off. It was at the check-in that I finally met a guy who was going to board the same flight and more importantly going to join in the same college!! Well ,I guess he was equally excited to see me tough we didn’t know each other! Looking at him , I was sure that he too had a lot of things going on in his mind and in a couple of minutes I met many more guys . It was for the first time since many days that I heaved a sigh of relief . As usual the parents started to talk among themselves and we began to know each other . To my amazement , I met few from Andhra .

There was quite some time left for us to board the plane . I was feeling hungry and my glance danced to a coffee shop , I thought of buying one but the placard which showed coffee with some French or Latin prefix to it , read its cost also. And that rate was more than my pocket money for a week which had increased a bit due to implementation of 6th pay commission 🙂 :p…So I boarded the flight with empty stomach but it didn’t bother me much as the prospect of being in a plane made me happy. It was an Indigo A320 . I entered the flight , the air hostess at the door shot me a ”Hi” , I lost my mind for a few seconds but regained it and took my place , fastened the seat belt ( with some help tough) , looked around to find my college mates looking equally dumbstruck !! The air hostess gave few instructions about the exits and stuff and finally the flight took off. Soon we were above the clouds , I saw the huge city of Calcutta disappear like a spec. The pilot was maneuvering the flight with a great ease and within no time we landed in Agartala . . As we were descending over , I caught the first glimpses of Agartala . All , I could see was paddy  fields and water everywhere .The duration of the journey was a mere 45 mins. . Got off the plane , took a few snaps of it with me posing as if it was mine. 🙂 Collected my luggage . Agartala airport was very small one . And then my journey to the college from airport started . ………to be contd..

I hope you guys liked my blog. This is my first blog and even if I get a few hits , I would be encouraged to continue . I will be pleased if u write in some suggestions…Thank u all once again…