Hello World-5

They generally say that it’s better late than never. It’s been a year since I penned down the last part. There wasn’t a reason to stop and there isn’t a reason to start again! So, here’s how it goes…..

                          We reached Silchar early in the morning. It was the usual hustle and bustle of a bus-station. There was a sense of triumph in me. Momentarily I felt that I had indeed accomplished something. I called home and they put me in place. Fortunately my dad had an acquaintance in Silchar and he arranged an accommodation for us. Our faces lit up when we saw that the room had an AC. We ate lavishly and set forth for reporting to the college. There was small stream at the entrance of the college! College had the best roads in Silchar! The first building we encountered was the guest house, it was all shining. The college buildings on the other hand looked quite dilapidated. The procedure for reporting was smooth and I filled the up gradation form again. I should have listened to the reporting officer and I didn’t, I never knew that I would regret it later. The medical check-up also took place, and my weight bothered me and doctor alike! We were allotted Hostel No.7, the newest one and were told that room allocation would take place once we report at the hostel. We were too tired by then and returned to our “AC” room. The next morning we left with our luggage to the college. It was a huge hostel. It had double and single rooms. I heard the warden telling someone that room allocation is done basing on the rank. I was sure that I wouldn’t get a single room! But contrary to my perception, I was allotted one on the first floor.  Don’t know why, but I was jumping with joy! The first thing, the warden did after allotting the room was giving us a form to fill and a SIM card! Guess he was one of the dealers of Airtel. The room was spacious, it had huge closets. It was very well ventilated. I can still say that my room had the best view of all the rooms! The campus was very beautiful; there were around twenty ponds within the campus boundary limits! It used to rain an hour or so every day. It was lush green coupled with the little wilderness that sets your soul free.

               So it was in Silchar that I attended my first engineering class. As it was first year, combined classes for electrical and mechanical branches used to take place. It was a gallery type classroom with a seating capacity of more than two hundred.  Classes had already started in Silchar when we were doing nothing in Agartala, so I couldn’t understand anything. It really wouldn’t have mattered if I had attended all the classes before; but now at least I had a reason to state why I couldn’t understand! In the physics class I couldn’t make out for the first five minutes whether the teacher was teaching in Bengali or English. The “C” guy used to terrorise me, he had caught me laughing when he had an asked a question to the class. One of the teachers who used to teach maths, hailed from Andhra Pradesh. So, all of us from south anticipated that he would show some kind of “sympathy” (when it comes to marks etc.) on us, but he never showed signs of any, he in fact lambasted all for coming and joining so far! Many teachers used to teach Engineering Drawing, two in fact, and they carried their assistants with them, each of them boasting about their qualifications and the fact that it was the subject most dreaded in the first year! And after the very first lab, I got an idea of why it was so. I couldn’t finish writing an ‘A’ in an hour.

                The classes were far from the hostel, it almost took 15 minutes on foot. Ragging was completely banned in the college. There were very strict rules laid out and many anti-ragging squads had been formed. After experiencing so much in Agartala, not getting ragged seemed rather strange! There was a gym, first years were not allowed, canteens, first years were not allowed in any and sort of a small shopping complex, where you could get many things. Many hostels, brand new computer centre and a placement cell were being built. The food in the new hostel was bad; we were given exactly 4 pieces of roasted bread and tea for breakfast. Tea was the only good thing served in the hostel; as Assam is famous for tea plantations, we used to savour it.  There was a person, who used to visit the hostels to sell sweets, and they used to be very appetizing, he used to charge at the end of the month and I  remember not having paid my dues to him!

               The view from my room was made of a large pond, tall trees; a road far off lit by street lamps, the campus boundary adjacent to it, and fields beyond.  Sometimes, I used to sit by the window, just stare outside, the evening sky with its plethora of colours, with the hymns from a distant temple travelling through the void and reaching the ear, it felt like I was in a realm, far different from what I had seen and experienced till then. Thoughts would engulf you in no time. The ridges near the pond, the grass, wonder how meticulous Mother Nature is. As striking as the evenings were, equally scary were the nights! The room opposite to mine was not yet allotted and the eerie silence only to be broken by the owls used to terrify me a hell lot!! The sounds made by the wind only added fuel to the fire; I used to check again and again whether I have closed the windows!

             Time to wind up, I have tried to put it as readable as possible, but again it’s you who decides…. 🙂 , and hope you find it good enough, do leave a comment or two and yes, I have the freedom of approving them… 🙂 .So long until next time…….