One More Time..

The foremost problem you face when you sit to pen down something is that of how to detangle your thoughts, thoughts which grow more and more complex with age. If one were to personify ones thoughts, the population would be more than that of our country.

As I near the silver jubilee of my existence on this planet (it hardly is 400 days away!), my thoughts have carried me to depths greater than the Marina Trench, higher than the Everest, distances father than the Omega Centauri. Yet, I yearn for their coherence to find a meaning for my time left on Mother Earth. Your mind is the only place where you can truly be an “individual”. Let that individual talk to your soul. With your mobile blinking 24/7, your boss calling, imaginary deadlines waiting; you hardly have the time to let those two parts of you talk to each other, and sooner than later you find that your ship has veered off into an ocean of blue where you can’t distinguish the horizon. What is scarce today is time, nothing else. The manner in which you choose to travel in this 4th dimension, places you in the 3 dimensional realities.

Disappointments and happiness are two sides of a coin, a coin which when tossed hangs in a balance; you interpret your result depending on the side of the coin you are facing i.e. your happiness may be others disappointment and vice versa, and we have managed to coin a term for this : competition. The proposal of Darwin which got propagated scientifically as survival of the fittest meant that human beings evolved to be the most influential on this planet. Today, we have outgrown this theory. Competition has meant that we are marginalizing our own kind. There in comes the society which sets materialistic targets for life. The question of “Why Life?” keeps on getting diluted in pursuit of these targets. All of us try to find a meaning in life, most of the times after we have lived more than half of it, after we have achieved some of those materialistic targets. But by then you will be setting these targets for someone else! Initiating change in oneself rather than trying to change others may help in solving half of life’s problems.

When young many things fascinate us, possibilities were endless, we could dream of becoming an astronaut, a doctor, a wildlife photographer…what not! Society encourages you to dream big when young, and it is the same society which tries to limit you when you have met some targets. The notion of dreaming big should not just be limited to children. But, at this age accepting the fact that you will be associated with only one profession the rest of your life indeed seems a scary prospect. And slowly but surely we begin to justify for letting our dreams evaporate. I believe that our greatest resolve lies in picking up these shattered pieces of dreams and trying to join them again, maybe rejoining will teach you the difficulties associated. What it will indeed do is make you appreciate your life again, it will make your little thoughts more valuable than an iPhone surely!

Each of us may be equivalent to a quark for a greater world for which the earth may be another atom and the thing with quarks is that they are found in groups just like us! Or we may the anti matter for the matter which we are trying to find. The possibilities are endless and this is why thoughts are enticing. There is nothing called “the absolute truth” or we don’t know about it yet.

May be we have to start propagating that happiness is in getting to learn things, in travelling to far off places, in meeting new people, in leaving a lighter footprint rather than saving to buy a car, to buy a house. You cannot buy life obviously! Imagine a world where no one owns anything, where the air is the purest, trees are at their greenest, sun sets the loveliest and the stars shine brightest, maybe we can develop a mathematical equation to solve our complex lives hoping for a solution as simple as earth, air and water, the basic elements for life.