One More Time..

The foremost problem you face when you sit to pen down something is that of how to detangle your thoughts, thoughts which grow more and more complex with age. If one were to personify ones thoughts, the population would be more than that of our country.

As I near the silver jubilee of my existence on this planet (it hardly is 400 days away!), my thoughts have carried me to depths greater than the Marina Trench, higher than the Everest, distances father than the Omega Centauri. Yet, I yearn for their coherence to find a meaning for my time left on Mother Earth. Your mind is the only place where you can truly be an “individual”. Let that individual talk to your soul. With your mobile blinking 24/7, your boss calling, imaginary deadlines waiting; you hardly have the time to let those two parts of you talk to each other, and sooner than later you find that your ship has veered off into an ocean of blue where you can’t distinguish the horizon. What is scarce today is time, nothing else. The manner in which you choose to travel in this 4th dimension, places you in the 3 dimensional realities.

Disappointments and happiness are two sides of a coin, a coin which when tossed hangs in a balance; you interpret your result depending on the side of the coin you are facing i.e. your happiness may be others disappointment and vice versa, and we have managed to coin a term for this : competition. The proposal of Darwin which got propagated scientifically as survival of the fittest meant that human beings evolved to be the most influential on this planet. Today, we have outgrown this theory. Competition has meant that we are marginalizing our own kind. There in comes the society which sets materialistic targets for life. The question of “Why Life?” keeps on getting diluted in pursuit of these targets. All of us try to find a meaning in life, most of the times after we have lived more than half of it, after we have achieved some of those materialistic targets. But by then you will be setting these targets for someone else! Initiating change in oneself rather than trying to change others may help in solving half of life’s problems.

When young many things fascinate us, possibilities were endless, we could dream of becoming an astronaut, a doctor, a wildlife photographer…what not! Society encourages you to dream big when young, and it is the same society which tries to limit you when you have met some targets. The notion of dreaming big should not just be limited to children. But, at this age accepting the fact that you will be associated with only one profession the rest of your life indeed seems a scary prospect. And slowly but surely we begin to justify for letting our dreams evaporate. I believe that our greatest resolve lies in picking up these shattered pieces of dreams and trying to join them again, maybe rejoining will teach you the difficulties associated. What it will indeed do is make you appreciate your life again, it will make your little thoughts more valuable than an iPhone surely!

Each of us may be equivalent to a quark for a greater world for which the earth may be another atom and the thing with quarks is that they are found in groups just like us! Or we may the anti matter for the matter which we are trying to find. The possibilities are endless and this is why thoughts are enticing. There is nothing called “the absolute truth” or we don’t know about it yet.

May be we have to start propagating that happiness is in getting to learn things, in travelling to far off places, in meeting new people, in leaving a lighter footprint rather than saving to buy a car, to buy a house. You cannot buy life obviously! Imagine a world where no one owns anything, where the air is the purest, trees are at their greenest, sun sets the loveliest and the stars shine brightest, maybe we can develop a mathematical equation to solve our complex lives hoping for a solution as simple as earth, air and water, the basic elements for life.


Hello World – 6

Before the finer details of my journeys start bidding farewell to my memory, I presumed it would rather be a better option to pen them down. So, sorry to keep you all waiting, yes, that was a joke! And maybe I get enlightened to write in the months starting with either A or J, another August.

I was beginning to really like the place, my room, new friends and the lush green campus. In addition to practicals and tutorials, classes continued to remain a mystery. I wondered how things can be so perfectly ok, they never were. One fine afternoon after I returned from my engineering drawing lab, it began raining outside, may be it was intuition, but when I went outside hearing some noises, the results of the next round of seat allocation were out, I was allotted NIT Patna. There was a storm inside me and outside me. I really cursed myself but I had no other option. I had five days to report. I was undergoing an emotional churning. I had to take a bus till Guwahati and then train to Patna. First two days passed by finishing the formalities at Silchar, the certificates and stuff. None of my friends had been allotted Patna, so, I had to travel alone this time. Bus was at 5 p.m. and due to many reasons I started from college well after 4 p.m. The depot was quite far away and I reached there around 5:15, sure that I had missed the bus. Running inside with my suitcases and bag, remember, trollies weren’t so famous at that time, stumbling quite a few times, I found that the bus was about to leave. The conductor let me in, I think he cursed me a thing or two for having made everyone wait, but I was in no condition to hear! The journey to Guwahati would almost take 12 hours and the route was through the hills, the worst possible combination for me. The smoke, zig- zag roads all make me throw up, mountain sickness. The journey started, I didn’t eat anything knowing that it would make me even sicker. It was quite a horrible experience, though I didn’t throw up, the sensations were killing me. A Korean movie was being played in the bus. I can say that the story was about some elephants from the few times I looked at the screen!! The road was not much wide, may be enough to accommodate two vehicles travelling in opposite directions. The driver was negotiating the blind turns with very high speed and the vehicles were travelling in the opposite direction with an equally high speed. I was freaking out inside. Around 4 a.m. I woke up feeling cold, the bus had reached Shillong. It was a bit foggy around. And finally at around 6 in the morning we reached Guwahati. The experience was such that, I have never suffered from mountain sickness till date!!

I headed straight to Guwahati Railway Station, and dosed off for an hour or two in the waiting room. While I was washing my face, I remember a gentleman, asking me not so gently what the use of doing engineering was. He asked me to tell an idea which would make one rich without studying so much. I told him that I would have discontinued my studies if I knew such a way and rushed away from there, strange people! I boarded the Brahmaputra Mail; policemen came and checked the identity cards of people. After some time the train started and it crossed the Brahmaputra, the river was raging and full to the brim. And so I leaned back and let thoughts engulf me, far too many things were happening. On the way, I remember a village, small huts, I assumed that it too was some backward place, and then I spotted a DTH dish on top of one of the huts. I realised that I was not in sync with reality! The train reached Patna the next afternoon. I had been to Patna once when in school, but I faintly remember anything.

With the few bucks I was carrying I took a room in nearby lodge, it was really bad. There was a small black and white set and even Doordarshan was not clear. I went to the college the next morning, Patna seemed quite ok till some distance. But then I had to take another auto to reach college. Generally colleges are situated far away from the city, so I was expecting the same but the place was getting denser with population as I went along. I was still hoping for the best, at least the college would be grand. I was just looking around from the auto for some huge gate or something. The auto guy stopped and asked me where I had to go, I told him and he said that we had passed the college before 10 minutes. My heart missed a beat or two. I got down and walked back, still hopeful that my eyes had tricked me and college would be grand. Then along the way, there was a lane and there was a board that showed the way to college. I walked past hostels and there was the gate, completely opposite of what I had expected. There was building of colonial architecture and the college extended almost 300 meters to the left and right from where I stood, and that was all. I was dumb fold! I had to pay my fee; I went to a bank to draw cash as I didn’t have an ATM card. I gave him a cheque. But the bank official told me that he couldn’t pay me the amount because my account was restricted, it was a new account. I almost cried because it was the last day to report and hardly 3 hours were remaining. I called dad and then he talked to the branch manager and they did something and I got the amount at around 4 p.m., unfortunately it started raining cats and dogs outside. Totally wet, evading knee deep water, saving the money from getting wet, I reached college and finally paid my fee at around 4:30, the last person to report. The person told me that if I had been late by even half an hour, I would have lost the seat! And I spent four years in Patna; let me keep that part for some other time. 😀

I think it’s a good way to end. Hope you didn’t feel bored. June 2010 to August 2013, 3 years, 6 parts and it ends here. Thank you all for reading, do leave a comment  on this final part or for all the parts together. So long till next time………

Hello World-5

They generally say that it’s better late than never. It’s been a year since I penned down the last part. There wasn’t a reason to stop and there isn’t a reason to start again! So, here’s how it goes…..

                          We reached Silchar early in the morning. It was the usual hustle and bustle of a bus-station. There was a sense of triumph in me. Momentarily I felt that I had indeed accomplished something. I called home and they put me in place. Fortunately my dad had an acquaintance in Silchar and he arranged an accommodation for us. Our faces lit up when we saw that the room had an AC. We ate lavishly and set forth for reporting to the college. There was small stream at the entrance of the college! College had the best roads in Silchar! The first building we encountered was the guest house, it was all shining. The college buildings on the other hand looked quite dilapidated. The procedure for reporting was smooth and I filled the up gradation form again. I should have listened to the reporting officer and I didn’t, I never knew that I would regret it later. The medical check-up also took place, and my weight bothered me and doctor alike! We were allotted Hostel No.7, the newest one and were told that room allocation would take place once we report at the hostel. We were too tired by then and returned to our “AC” room. The next morning we left with our luggage to the college. It was a huge hostel. It had double and single rooms. I heard the warden telling someone that room allocation is done basing on the rank. I was sure that I wouldn’t get a single room! But contrary to my perception, I was allotted one on the first floor.  Don’t know why, but I was jumping with joy! The first thing, the warden did after allotting the room was giving us a form to fill and a SIM card! Guess he was one of the dealers of Airtel. The room was spacious, it had huge closets. It was very well ventilated. I can still say that my room had the best view of all the rooms! The campus was very beautiful; there were around twenty ponds within the campus boundary limits! It used to rain an hour or so every day. It was lush green coupled with the little wilderness that sets your soul free.

               So it was in Silchar that I attended my first engineering class. As it was first year, combined classes for electrical and mechanical branches used to take place. It was a gallery type classroom with a seating capacity of more than two hundred.  Classes had already started in Silchar when we were doing nothing in Agartala, so I couldn’t understand anything. It really wouldn’t have mattered if I had attended all the classes before; but now at least I had a reason to state why I couldn’t understand! In the physics class I couldn’t make out for the first five minutes whether the teacher was teaching in Bengali or English. The “C” guy used to terrorise me, he had caught me laughing when he had an asked a question to the class. One of the teachers who used to teach maths, hailed from Andhra Pradesh. So, all of us from south anticipated that he would show some kind of “sympathy” (when it comes to marks etc.) on us, but he never showed signs of any, he in fact lambasted all for coming and joining so far! Many teachers used to teach Engineering Drawing, two in fact, and they carried their assistants with them, each of them boasting about their qualifications and the fact that it was the subject most dreaded in the first year! And after the very first lab, I got an idea of why it was so. I couldn’t finish writing an ‘A’ in an hour.

                The classes were far from the hostel, it almost took 15 minutes on foot. Ragging was completely banned in the college. There were very strict rules laid out and many anti-ragging squads had been formed. After experiencing so much in Agartala, not getting ragged seemed rather strange! There was a gym, first years were not allowed, canteens, first years were not allowed in any and sort of a small shopping complex, where you could get many things. Many hostels, brand new computer centre and a placement cell were being built. The food in the new hostel was bad; we were given exactly 4 pieces of roasted bread and tea for breakfast. Tea was the only good thing served in the hostel; as Assam is famous for tea plantations, we used to savour it.  There was a person, who used to visit the hostels to sell sweets, and they used to be very appetizing, he used to charge at the end of the month and I  remember not having paid my dues to him!

               The view from my room was made of a large pond, tall trees; a road far off lit by street lamps, the campus boundary adjacent to it, and fields beyond.  Sometimes, I used to sit by the window, just stare outside, the evening sky with its plethora of colours, with the hymns from a distant temple travelling through the void and reaching the ear, it felt like I was in a realm, far different from what I had seen and experienced till then. Thoughts would engulf you in no time. The ridges near the pond, the grass, wonder how meticulous Mother Nature is. As striking as the evenings were, equally scary were the nights! The room opposite to mine was not yet allotted and the eerie silence only to be broken by the owls used to terrify me a hell lot!! The sounds made by the wind only added fuel to the fire; I used to check again and again whether I have closed the windows!

             Time to wind up, I have tried to put it as readable as possible, but again it’s you who decides…. 🙂 , and hope you find it good enough, do leave a comment or two and yes, I have the freedom of approving them… 🙂 .So long until next time…….            

hello world-4

Going through the archives I noticed that the pattern that I have followed is JAJ….June, August and January….so, I decided not to break it and have added another A to it…April! Ok, I agree that I am lazy….so, without further wasting your precious time let me jump into the action……..!!

So, as the train chugged along slowly, time seemed to take a break. Seconds turned to minutes and minutes to hours. Everything seemed so strange that I forgot why I was actually travelling! There were BSF posts along the way to guard the route. There were tunnels, the longest above 2km. At around six in the evening we reached the border of Assam and most of the passengers got down. The coach bore a deserted look. People did see me as an alien as I called home for the last time before entering Assam, yes; the SIM cards of Tripura don’t function in Assam, in fact cards of one state don’t function in another in the north east. So, I finally entered Assam with a defunct SIM, a mobile which didn’t support any feature other than making a call, an empty stomach and a journey which showed no signs of ending any time soon. So as the sun ended its day at the office, and the moon seemed too lazy to come out, darkness engulfed the panorama. It was pitch black outside and the coach was lit up by 100W bulbs!! And the problem of low voltage exists even in trains! The guy travelling with me was having his birthday and handed me the job of looking over the luggage and slept like a sloth. I started to chat with a fellow passenger to keep my spirits high. Couldn’t see any light outside for a long time. I remember one halt that the train took, for about one and a half hour, near a small village. The lights and fans (yes, a few of them were working) in the coaches went off. Exhausted, I was half asleep and half awake, hitting myself trying to kill mosquitoes which were making life all the more miserable. These must be the only creatures which are overjoyed when the census count is released! And the birthday boy seemed impervious to everything! At around 10p.m. we reached a station where I could see hawkers and they looked no less than God sent angels to me. Woke my friend up so that he too could fill up his belly and he did get up. No sooner than did the train start, I turned to tell him that it was my turn to take a nap, he was already snoring!! You must be wondering why we were so concerned about our luggage, well; we were carrying the most valuable things we had earned until then, our 10th and 12th class certificates!!

So after a long journey the train did reach Badarpur well past mid night. 300kms in eleven hours, an unforgettable train journey, and I was yet to reach Silchar. The station was chock-full.  I searched for a waiting room in vain. Enquired about means to reach Silchar, bus and train were the alternatives. We already had enough of train, so decided to go by bus. The first bus to Silchar would start at six in the morning. So, we decided to spend the remaining hours at the station. The platforms were full of people sleeping. There was hardly any place left. We spread a bed sheet on the floor and before I could arrange the luggage he slept off!! I tried to wake him up, but it of no use. Whatever dream he was having, must have been too good! Really, how did Gandhiji win by following non-violence?! Angry, drowsy, I hoped that the few hours would pass soon. But, it was like time had become too old even to walk. Mosquitoes arrived to receive and greet me when I had no intentions of being welcomed by them. I tried everything from shaking my head and legs to taking a walk, nothing seemed to work. It was the first time after the study hours in boarding college during intermediate that I was facing the problem of not being able to sleep when I badly wanted to, plus the mosquitoes. Started to talk to a guy who I think was facing similar problem; he was a native of the place and was into the business of selling Chinese mobiles. I asked him why he had chosen the rail route when it was so difficult and he told me that though they had to wait for long hours, travelling by train was the best choice because it would save time in journey and was very economical. He told me that he could reach the place within a day by rail where as it would take him more than 2 days by bus plus the extra bucks, and he simply couldn’t afford it. I got to know a lot of things from him, hats off to people who over come so many hardships to make a living and he seemed happy, that’s what life is all about, right?! Finding joy in whatever you do. Anyways, it started to rain at around four in the morning; it wouldn’t have mattered much but the shape of the platform was such that the rain water reaching the platform, instead of falling onto the tracks was flowing back. So the water woke up people from their deep sleep, everyone started to pick up their spreads from the floor.  But strangely water eluded my dear friend. I gave up, even God was with him!!

So, the rain stopped, the sun rose from the east, it always does so, and what seemed to be a never ending adventurous night finally did end. We started from the station at dawn; the bus station wasn’t far away. We boarded the first bus to Silchar, it took us one hour to reach our destination, and during the journey I slept like I had never before, mosquitoes and certificates didn’t bother me this time……….

So, let me put this episode to sleep. If it has brought a smile to your face, then I am doing well enough. 🙂 As always comments and suggestions are more than welcome. In fact I would be more than happy if you drop a few words. So-long until the next J, it’s only a month away………………









So after quite some time I sit down to pen down the third part of my blog……hope all of you find it equally good as the previous two………so let’s get set and go…..

Days in Agartala were passing on. Found good friends, roommates. By the time I had left home I was a pretty bulky guy, but the first few days of college made me loose a substantial amount of weight. Hostel food used to be quite good, typical Bengali dishes, fish used to be served every second day! It used to rain every day, I had never seen so much of rainfall and people used to say that it was raining less that particular year, in fact there was deficit of 15%!!  The sun used to rise pretty early in the morning for Tripura is further east. Sometimes it used to be out as early as 4:45a.m., well, I never woke up that early, but friends told me so. 🙂 The Bangladesh standard time is +6:00 hrs GMT; differs from IST by half an hour. So, Tripura’s time zone matches with that of Bangladesh, but it being a part of Indian union, IST is followed. Massive construction activity was taking place, many hostels were being built and most of the contracts were won by Andhra companies, so there was no dearth of Telugu speaking people! Huge campus, intimidating seniors and pretty girls, was my interpretation of the college!! Due to variety of reasons, which if elaborated would engulf this blog, classes continued to be postponed indefinitely.  Occasionally we used to go to the main city of Agartala for it was 22km from the campus. In the vicinity of the campus were the headquarters of the Tripura State Rifles, which gave me a hell lot of confidence!!   The city was a communist strong hold, so one could see their trademark red flags bearing the symbol of a sickle and star everywhere. Contrary to the general perception, it was quite a safe place to live, people were friendly. Finally got a SIM card and eagerly gave the number to everyone. I expected to get many calls, but………  Occasionally friends back home made a call to me; from the conversations I could make out that most of them felt that I was living in exile!!

As mentioned earlier we had choice of upgrading our college, I was eagerly waiting for the results all those days, used to make call to my friends who were in other colleges about any information regarding results. No one had a fair idea. By the time everyone had forgot about it, one fine evening the results came out as a shell shock. GPRS in mobiles was the only sort of instant messenger. One by one we checked our results and most of us had a change in our allotment, changes varied from intra-college branch slides to inter-college changes. I was no exception and was allotted NIT Silchar, Assam. Well, I really didn’t know how to react as for me Assam was no different than Tripura! Informed my parents and they seemed to be rather pleased. I didn’t want to trouble them anymore, so I took a somewhat bold decision that I would manage everything on my own. We were given only 5 days to report. Lot of things needed to be done and the time was too short. First two days passed by, trying to find out the different means to reach Silchar and selecting the best one. Well, there were only two ways, one via bus and the other via train. Collected all the certificates deposited with the college. Six guys including me had the same allotment. Two of us decided to take the rail route. The night before leaving seniors interacted with us, seriously, for one last time.

So, I bid adieu to Agartala, had some unforgettable experiences and enjoyed a lot. I never had imagined that what lay ahead would be even more adventurous!! Close friends accompanied us to the station. The nearest railway station to the college was at Jirania. From the outset it looked like a small holiday resort. Silchar was about 350km from Agartala, there was a direct train and the other was to go to Badarpur which is 50km away from Silchar and reach it by any other means. Now, if you are thinking that everything, reservation, trains are like the rest of the country, then you are absolutely wrong. The route was narrow gauge and there was no reservation system. In fact the tickets were sold half an hour before the arrival of the train. I asked them why it was so; they told me that they couldn’t guarantee whether the train would run on that day or not! We also got to know that the train which runs direct up to Silchar was generally jam-packed. They advised us to catch the train to Badarpur. So we bought two tickets. The tickets were like the small cards that show your weight when you check yours on a weight machine.

The train up to Silchar arrived first, it had started from Agartala, and Jirania was the next stop and by the time it reached the later, where we were supposed to board, people were already hanging from the doors!! After two long hours the train to Badarpur did arrive and it was relatively less crowded, we could at least get inside. The inside of the coaches was quite strange, the side berths were absent as it was a narrow gauge route. The train chugged off slowly and we waved till we could see our friends. So, I left Agartala with bagful of memories for the rest of my life. It was a strange feeling; on one hand I was happy for finally leaving the place, but somewhere deep down…………..

So it was time for another journey in which new adventures lay ahead…a completely different one from the previous. We could not find a seat, so like on the platform we sat on our bags in the train!! The train moved pretty slowly, I don’t think it exceeded 60kmph mark. The view through the window was fantabulous. I am really short of words to describe the beauty. Valleys, streams, and hills everything was just like in the movies, in fact even more beautiful to experience real time. There was only one main line, so if a train was on the opposite route, one of them had to reach a station where it could be kept on the sideline, and then the other could cross. Uff……..hope I put it well enough. So the train used to stop sometimes for 2hrs at stations. It was a treacherous route and really it is an engineering marvel to lay down a railway line there.

So let me put a break at this point. Reached half way, but, the glass is still half full… 🙂 ………hope you all enjoyed it, suggestions and comments are always welcome as usual….till next time….abarjano, dekha pai……

Hello World Part -2

After keeping this thing pretty much in the backburner, I have decided to bend my back. The response to my first blog was phenomenal…….now that truly is an exaggeration..  but nevertheless…it was good enough to persuade my lazy self to continue it….so let me take off from where  I landed!!

It was about 10:30 in the morning when I reached Agartala……high altitude made the sun even more ferocious…there were eight of us and we were searching for the best means of transport to reach college, as I had read that the college was about 35km from the airport…finally we were approached by auto Walla’s (think they really sensed good business seeing us and all the heavy luggage). As usual bargaining is a part and parcel of Indian culture..!! All of them agreed that they will be paid “sho taka”. Now, I had heard Bengali before and I too as everyone thought that they were just demanding 100Rs for 5 autos. Given the distance, that was ridiculously cheap..we again tried to confirm the amount and all we could make of their accent was that the deal seemed good to them.  So, we were off from the airport. They took as through the so called short cut..and hell I had seen narrow roads before..but that was so narrow that it had room for only one auto at a time…I comforted myself by thinking that it would be a one-way but soon that doubt got cleared..!! I was just loosing myself in the scenic beauty and the occasional bumps kept me in check…the road snaked through paddy fields. There were some houses and strangely every house had a small pond behind it. There was no real traffic on the way but the cattle did keep blocking the path every now and then. The short cut ended up in a main road. The road was pretty lively, unlike the rest of the country, here I saw each and every motorist having a helmet…and yes they were on the heads. There was heavy police presence as expected .Now, when we paid them 100Rs…it was then we understood that we had to pay 200 per auto. It took us almost 45mins. to reach the college and there it was , the college where I would be spending 4 years of my life. The main building was not so impressive, but I hoped for the best. Now, it was the time for reporting and there was a looooong queue. I was already starving. The process was painstakingly slow. There was only one system available at the reporting counter and officials literally having no knowledge of the procedure were seated!! I got my chance in about 3 hrs. or so. Now, this time we had a provision of upgrading our college in subsequent rounds and I eagerly filled it first.  Every inch and corner of the building was being repaired or re-built.

Finally, the procedure did end and I went to fill my belly in the nearby canteen. The food was quite different. We expected them to allot the hostel, but whoa, there was a surprise in store!! The college management told us that the hostel for the fresher’s wasn’t ready and they simply asked us to come back after 20 days!! Had they informed us of such situation before, we would have made necessary arrangements before leaving home. In just a span of two days I was overcome with many feelings, it was of emotion while leaving home next was of curiosity to see the college and then it was anger!! After persuading a lot the college provided us with some boarding facility, one batch of students was allotted the third year hostel and another batch was allotted an abandoned building of Tripura Grameena bank!!! As the saying goes “Something is indeed better than nothing!!” the campus was huge, it was about 400acres on paper but there was no definite boundary and all we could see was thick forest cover. Gomati was the name of the hostel for third years. From the outset it looked more like an FCI granary:). We were temporarily allotted the vacant wing of the hostel. Many students decided to go back and return after the college reopened and many like me decided to stay back. The capacity of each room was four but due to lack of rooms they stuffed eight guys in one room. In a matter of hours I experienced the strange climate, minutes before, the sky had scattered clouds, and it was very sunny, if someone had made a bet with me that it would rain soon, I would have surely accepted that!! That didn’t happen and it started pouring from heavens. It rained continuously for about 3 hours. I met my roommates, 3 of them were from U.P. , 2  were from Bihar , one was from M.P, and one from Andhra. Everyone was rather hostile initially but things did become soft. My father would stay with me for 2 more days.

On the very first night of our stay in hostel, we were summoned up by second year guys on the pretext of “interaction”, they took us to their hostel and as soon as we entered the hostel, the 2nd year guys fell upon us like vultures on a carcass.  I was the first victim, they made me stand in the middle of the room with about 20 guys surrounding me and I got ragged for the first time. We left the hostel after about an hour with teary eyes and some seniors trying to pacify us. Classes were not scheduled to start for another 25 days, so all that we used to do was to sleep, eat and roam around. Parents, who had accompanied their wards, started leaving. It was time for my dad to leave me; I became a bit emotional again but didn’t let tears flow out as friends were around. Now that most of the parents had left, the seniors started to terrorise us again. We used to live in constant fear as it was the third year hostel. Sometimes we used to enjoy ragging, sometimes we wept. On some instances some drunken seniors would ask us to assemble and tell their plight of how they ended up in Agartala and many such things. Moustache which is generally considered as a pride among South Indians was soon gone from my face by force. One guy even threatened me that if I hadn’t got my moustache removed he himself would do it!!

The general feeling in the starting days was that I had got cut off from the rest of the world. SIM cards from other states were blocked in the north east due to security related problems. We subscribed a newspaper for our room; it was usually delivered at around 7p.m., the most unlikely time and we used to get a days late paper. We used to get newspaper once in 2 or 3 days as it used to rain heavily. There was only one FM station in the city of Agartala and its name was “Ulalla FM”, it used to play Hindi and Bengali songs. Climate used to very humid, we used to pass time by playing cricket.

…………so let me stop at this junction …..well, the journey has just begun and I will surely try to present my experiences in an even more interesting way….hope you guys still have appetite left to read my stuff:) …………suggestions and comments are always welcome…….

Some  snaps of Gomati


Hello world!

This is by first blogging experience and I would like to share my experience during my admission into engineering college.

My rank in the entrance examination was not good enough to fetch me a seat in top rung NIT’s neither was it bad to deprive me a seat in lower rung of those prestigious colleges , so I decided , I would rather join an NIT , however far it might be . My first allotment was NIT Agartala , and I have some fond memories of that place. Situated in the north-east of the country , in the picturesque Purvanchal hills , Agartala is a very beautiful place. As usual , parents and relatives had apprehensions of me joining in a college so far from home and as the place is notorious for its insurgency troubles. Even I was afraid , but it was my last option. The day I left home to report to my college , I saw tears in my dad’s eyes for the first time in my life . Well , I won’t say that the tears were of joy that I was into a reputed institute but because of fear of me being far away and how I would adjust to everything . I bid farewell to everyone and boarded train to Howrah. Upon the suggestion of the college , we decided to take a flight from Calcutta to Agartala . That was going to be my first flight experience .All along the train journey , I was lost in my thoughts . All kinds of thoughts were bothering me , whether anyone else would join the college from the place I come from , whether this , whether that.  And to make matters even worse I couldn’t see my mom before leaving home as she was out of station .Her seeing me off would have given me a lot of confidence but it unfortunately didn’t happen for me.

Finally , I reached Dum-Dum airport . I was seeing an international airport for the first time!! Seeing the heavy flow of passengers at the airport , I began to  wonder why was India still being called a poor country!!! I was almost certain by then that I would be the only guy going and joining so far. My father was accompanying me and he got busy chatting with a guy from Andhra who was working in Agartala . I overheard him asking a lot of questions about the place , I decided to give my mind a break and started wandering in the airport lobby , just gazing at everything like an idiot . Saw many restaurants , air hostesses, some pretty and some with excessive make -up! Finally with so much stuff going on in my mind , I snoozed off. It was at the check-in that I finally met a guy who was going to board the same flight and more importantly going to join in the same college!! Well ,I guess he was equally excited to see me tough we didn’t know each other! Looking at him , I was sure that he too had a lot of things going on in his mind and in a couple of minutes I met many more guys . It was for the first time since many days that I heaved a sigh of relief . As usual the parents started to talk among themselves and we began to know each other . To my amazement , I met few from Andhra .

There was quite some time left for us to board the plane . I was feeling hungry and my glance danced to a coffee shop , I thought of buying one but the placard which showed coffee with some French or Latin prefix to it , read its cost also. And that rate was more than my pocket money for a week which had increased a bit due to implementation of 6th pay commission 🙂 :p…So I boarded the flight with empty stomach but it didn’t bother me much as the prospect of being in a plane made me happy. It was an Indigo A320 . I entered the flight , the air hostess at the door shot me a ”Hi” , I lost my mind for a few seconds but regained it and took my place , fastened the seat belt ( with some help tough) , looked around to find my college mates looking equally dumbstruck !! The air hostess gave few instructions about the exits and stuff and finally the flight took off. Soon we were above the clouds , I saw the huge city of Calcutta disappear like a spec. The pilot was maneuvering the flight with a great ease and within no time we landed in Agartala . . As we were descending over , I caught the first glimpses of Agartala . All , I could see was paddy  fields and water everywhere .The duration of the journey was a mere 45 mins. . Got off the plane , took a few snaps of it with me posing as if it was mine. 🙂 Collected my luggage . Agartala airport was very small one . And then my journey to the college from airport started . ………to be contd..

I hope you guys liked my blog. This is my first blog and even if I get a few hits , I would be encouraged to continue . I will be pleased if u write in some suggestions…Thank u all once again…